OAE A106-1 Harrier
OAE A106-1 Harrier
OAE A106-1 Harrier


Attack aircraft; trainer



First flight

June 2011

Developed into

OAE A106-2 Super Harrier

OAE A110-1 Starjet

OAE A106-3 Strike Harrier

OAE A106-4 StratoHarrier

The OAE A106-1 Harrier is a paper airplane that can fly at both moderately high and slow speeds. The Harrier's unique winglet arrangement makes the aircraft very stable and they double as skids during ground handling which makes it an excellent choice for a trainer too. The Harrier's large fuselage allows potential for additional surfaces and cargo. The A106-1 was designed by OrigamiAirEnterprises to replace the OAE A9-1 Owl II and to partially supplant the OAE A73-1 Super Owl.


Construction details of the Harrier can be found here.


The Harrier is a paper airplane that can fly at both high and low speeds and boasts a high amount of lift. When constructed correctly, flights of over 40 feet are easily achievable. The A106-1 can easily outperform many similar airplanes in hangtime, accuracy, range and hauling competitions.