OAE A110-1 Starjet
OAE A110-1 Starjet
OAE A110-1 Starjet


Multirole aircraft



First flight

June 2011

Developed from

OAE A106-1 Harrier

Developed into

OAE YA110-2 Super Starjet

The OAE A110-1 Starjet is a fast, lightweight, long range multirole paper airplane based on the previous A106-1 Harrier. The Starjet is intended to fill roles the Harrier could not, due to speed limitations. The A110-1 is equipped with winglet-skids, has provisions for wingtip pods and a bomb bay. The Starjet was designed by OrigamiAirEnterprises.


Construction details of the Starjet can be found here.


Being lighter than the Harrier but larger than the comparable Starhawk, the Starjet is a noble airplane that boasts considerable speed advantages over its basis; and additionally, it retains many of the former's slow flight characterisitics. The Starjet is an excellent choice for aviators searching for a 'middle of the road'-type of paper airplane.
OAE A110-1R Starjet

OAE A110-1R Starjet

The winglets can be folded into pods which provide additional roll and directional stability, at a minor drag penalty to the airframe. This conversion creates the "A110-1R" Starjet.