OAE A116-1 Starhawk
OAE A116-1 Starhawk
OAE A116-1 Starhawk


Multirole aircraft (capable of stunts with M16-1 pods only)



First flight

July 2011

Developed from

OAE A2-9 HyperSpectre

Developed into

OAE YA116-2 Seahawk

The OAE A116-1 Starhawk is a small and agile high wing paper airplane that can fly at high speeds. It was designed by OrigamiAirEnterprises. Very plain, forgiving and adaptable, the little Starhawk is an airplane that can fill all sorts of roles. It is equipped with landing skids. Because of its strong, low aspect ratio wing, the Starhawk is capable of very tight turns and quick dive recovery.


Construction details of the Starhawk can be found here.


The Starhawk is a small, lightweight paper airplane that can fly at high speeds and support a high amount of lift. When constructed correctly, flights of over 30 feet are easily achievable. The A116-1 can easily outperform many similar airplanes in speed, range and hauling competitions. Additionally, the Starhawk can be outfitted with low drag multipurpose paper pods which can act as vortex generators for enhanced roll stability and can augment the A116-1's abilities to further its ability to be used in stunt roles. Overall, the Starhawk is a paper airplane that anybody can use in just about any role.
OAE A116-1 Starhawk M16-1 Pods

An A116-1 with two multipurpose pods beneath its wings.