OAE A126-1 Havoc
OAE A126-1 Havoc
OAE A126-1 Havoc


Attack; trainer aircraft



First flight

August 2011

The OAE A126-1 Havoc is a fast, long range paper airplane capable in numerous roles. The Havoc was designed by OrigamiAirEnterprises as a replacement for the OAE A49-1 Strike Owl and OAE A91-1 Falcon (in the attack role only for the latter). The A126-1 can also serve as a trainer and aerial testbed aircraft.


Construction details of the Havoc can be found here.


The A126-1 is a paper airplane which can operate at a wide range of speeds. Give the aircraft a slow to moderate throw for slow flights, and a fast throw for long range, high speed flights. Additional applicable surfaces include flaps, slats, elevators, ailerons, elevons, rudders, air brakes and an electronic warfare tail.