OAE A129-1 Marauder
OAE A129-1 Marauder
OAE A129-1 Marauder


Cruiser; stealth attack aircraft



First flight

September 2011

The OAE A129-1 Marauder is a fast, long range flying wing paper airplane. The Marauder was designed by OrigamiAirEnterprises to supplant the OAE F3-1P Omniwing. The A129-1 is a rather small paper airplane that can be stowed easily and can have several additional control surfaces added.


Construction details of the Marauder can be found here.


With a small profile and good weight distribution, the Marauder is very fast and can fly very far. Flights of over 45 feet are easily achievable with proper construction and launch. Control surfaces that can be added to the A129-1 include rudders, elevators, ailerons, elevons and flaps.