OAE A165-1 SkyHammerhead
OAE A165-1 SkyHammerhead
OAE A165-1 SkyHammerhead


Multirole aircraft



First flight

April 2012

Developed from

OAE A65-1 Super Hammerhead

Developed into

OAE UA165-1 SkyCharger

The OAE A165-1 SkyHammerhead is a fast, long range multirole aircraft designed by OrigamiAirEnterprises. The A165-1 was developed from the OAE A65-1 Super Hammerhead by augmenting the Super Hammerhead's spars. Due to its heritage, the SkyHammerhead was originally designated the YA65-3, but this was later dropped in favor of the new designation. This augmentation enabled faster flights and heavier loads to be placed on the wing. Due to the successfulness of the design and strength of its spars, a variant of the SkyHammerhead specifically designed for stunt flights called the OAE UA165-1 SkyCharger was developed.


Construction details of the SkyHammerhead can be found here.


The SkyHammerhead is a simple paper airplane. A fast throw is required to achieve high speed, long range flights. Additional applicable surfaces include slats, flaps, flaperons, spoilers, spoilerons, elevators, ailerons, rudders and air brakes. SkyHammerheads can be converted at any time to the SkyCharger standard with a few minor modifications.