OAE A172-1 Super Skyraider
OAE A172-1 Super Skyraider
OAE A172-1 Super Skyraider


Attack; cruiser; trainer aircraft



First flight

June 2012

The OAE A172-1 Super Skyraider is a long range paper airplane designed by OrigamiAirEnterprises to replace the OAE A1-1 Skyraider. Although the A1-1 is its namesake, the A172-1 has much more in common with the OAE A109-1 SkySkark structurally. The Super Skyraider can serve in many different roles easily, due to its inherent versatility and forgiving nature.


Construction details of the Super Skyraider can be found here.


The A172-1 is very stable and can fly long ranges at a moderate pace. Launches should be done at negative or neutral attitudes at moderate speeds. Additional applicable surfaces include slats, flaps, flaperons, elevators, ailerons, elevons, rudders, air brakes and underwing pods (to convert it to the "A172-1R" standard). On the ground, handing is also excellent, due to the aircraft's large ventral skids.