OAE A2-13 Turbo Spectre
OAE A2-13 Turbo Spectre
OAE A2-13 Turbo Spectre


Attack; trainer aircraft



First flight

July 2012

Developed into

OAE A2-16 AeroSpectre

The OAE A2-13 Turbo Spectre is a fast, small, long range paper airplane designed by OrigamiAirEnterprises. The Turbo Spectre was designed to replace the aging OAE A2-7 Strike Spectre. The Turbo Spectre was later itself replaced by the simpler OAE A2-14 ThunderSpectre.


Construction details of the Turbo Spectre can be found here.


The A2-13 can fly long ranges at a moderately fast pace with ease. Launches should be done moderate speed with 45 degrees of elevator deflection; launches at higher speeds should have reduced deflection, and at lower speeds increased deflection. Additional applicable surfaces include slats, flaps, flaperons, ailerons, rudders and air brakes.