OAE A2-16 AeroSpectre
OAE A2-16 AeroSpectre
OAE A2-16 AeroSpectre


Attack; trainer aircraft



First flight

February 2013

Developed from

OAE A2-13 Turbo Spectre

The OAE A2-16 AeroSpectre is a durable small, long range paper airplane designed by OrigamiAirEnterprises. Originally, the AeroSpectre was developed as a trainer version of the OAE A2-13 Turbo Spectre and was designated as the TA2-13. After proving superior to its basis, the AeroSpectre was redesignated with a number of its own. The AeroSpectre is now intended as a replacement for its basis, which is now an aging design. Due to their high amount of commonality, Turbo Spectres can be converted into AeroSpectres at any time during or after construction.


Construction details of the AeroSpectre can be found here.


Handling is similar to the Turbo Spectre, though there are some differences. The A2-16 can fly long ranges at a moderately fast pace with ease. Launches should be done moderate speed with 45 degrees of elevator deflection; launches at higher speeds should have reduced deflection, and at lower speeds increased deflection. Additional applicable surfaces include flaps, slats, elevators, ailerons and rudders.