OAE A68-1 Skywarrior
OAE A68-1 Skywarrior
OAE A68-1 Skywarrior


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First flight

December 2010

The OAE A68-1 Skywarrior is a simple, fast, large, long range airplane. The Skywarrior is the largest paper airplane designed by OrigamiAirEnterprises to date. The A68-1 was designed to replace the A9-1 Owl II and A49-1 Strike Owl. The Skywarrior has proven highly successful and has outlasted several attempts to replace it with newer aircraft. Currently, one A68-1 is constantly kept active by OrigamiAirEnterprises as an aerial testbed. This Skywarrior is being used as a testbed for the first multipurpose underwing pylon capable of conveying a payload.


Construction details of the Skywarrior can be found here.


Because of its weight distribution, the Skywarrior is very fast. Because of its winglets, fuselage and large wing area, the Skywarrior has a high lift to weight ratio, giving it excellent low speed characteristics. In addition, its large fuselage gives it a huge area to mount up to 10 multipurpose pods on. With or without these pods, the Skywarrior is very fast, long range and accurate.