OAE A9-1 Owl II
OAE A9-1 Owl II
OAE A9-1 Owl II


Attack aircraft; trainer; fighter-bomber (formerly)



First flight

July 2008

The OAE A9-1 Owl II (formerly the F9-1) is a long range, slow flying paper airplane. The Owl II was originally designed by OrigamiAirEnterprises as a fighter-bomber paper airplane, but was eventually deemed too slow to be classed as a fighter-bomber, and its designation was changed. The Owl was succeeded by the OAE A68-1 Skywarrior, OAE A73-1 Super Owl, and the OAE A106-1 Harrier.


Construction details of the Owl II can be found here.


The A9-1 is a paper airplane that can fly at low speeds and boasts a high amount of lift. When constructed correctly, flights of over 40 feet are easily achievable. The A9-1 can easily outperform many similar airplanes in hangtime, accuracy, range and hauling competitions.