OAE D132-1 Scout
OAE D132-1 Scout
OAE D132-1 Scout


Drone cruiser



First flight

January 2011

The OAE D132-1 Scout is a miniature "drone" paper airplane with a wingspan of a mere 7.5 centimeters. The Scout was designed to be a small "cruiser" paper airplane that could be used as a scale representative of flight dynamics with a fairly accurate configuration to a contemporary aircraft. The D132-1 was the first drone aircraft of this type of configuration designed by OrigamiAirEnterprises. It is OrigamiAirEnterprises' most popular aircraft, its instructions having been viewed over 35,000 times. The D132-1 Scout was succeeded by the OAE D136-1 Pioneer, which was essentially a Scout with an added vertical stabilizer.


Construction details of the Scout can be found here.


Due to its small size and straight wing, the Scout is not the fastest drone. However, its wing and weight distribution give it excellent cruise capabilities. Additional surfaces that can be added to the D132-1 are flaps, ailerons, flaperons, elevators, ruddervators and air brakes.