OAE D139-1 Wasp
OAE D139-1 Wasp
OAE D139-1 Wasp


Drone fighter/interceptor



First flight

April 2011

Developed from

OAE D135-1 Hornet

The OAE D139-1 Wasp is a small, agile drone paper airplane with an inverse delta wing. The D139-1 was developed by OrigamiAirEnterprises as a more agile, albeit slightly slower, version of the OAE D135-1 Hornet, with which the Wasp shared a great amount of commonality.


Construction details of the Wasp can be found here.


The Wasp is a fairly fast, agile drone paper airplane. Launches should be made at neutral or negative attitudes, at moderate speed. The D139-1 flies similarly to the contemporary, straight-wing OAE D136-1 Pioneer and OAE D138-1 Condor paper airplanes. Additional applicable surfaces include flaps, elevators and a trimmable rudder.