OAE D170-1 Super Tomahawk
OAE D170-1 Super Tomahawk
OAE D170-1 Super Tomahawk


Drone cruiser



First flight

August 2011

The OAE D170-1 Super Tomahawk is a small, accurate, long range drone cruiser paper airplane. Designed by OrigamiAirEnterprises as a replacement for the OAE D134-1 Tomahawk, the Super Tomahawk retained the former's twin ventral vertical fin design, but replaced its reliance on its ventral fins for support with conformal landing gear. OrigamiAirEnterprises has retained one Super Tomahawk, designated the "ND170-1", outfitted with flaps and elevators for research purposes.

Construction Edit

Construction details for the Super Tomahawk can be found here.


The D170-1 is an airplane with great performance in the air and on the ground. With proper construction and launch technique, the Super Tomahawk can fly easily to ranges of 25 feet. Additional applicable surfaces include flaps, ailerons, flaperons, slats, rudders, elevators and air brakes.