OAE D186-2 Super Manx
OAE D186-2 Super Manx
OAE D186-2 Super Manx


Drone fighter/interceptor



First flight

December 2011

Developed from

OAE D186-1 Manx

The OAE D186-2 Super Manx is a small, fast, long range, lightweight drone paper airplane. The D186-2 was designed by OrigamiAirEnterprises as a less radical variant of the OAE D186-1 Manx. Even months later, OrigamiAirEnterprises considers the Super Manx one of its best drone fighter designs.


Construction details of the Super Manx can be found here.


The Super Manx is a lightweight drone with excellent speed and range characteristics. Proper construction and launch will lead to tons of excellent flights. Flights of over 25 feet are well within its capabilities. Additional applicable surfaces include slats, elevons, flaperons, air brakes and a trimmable rudder.