OAE D187-1 Voyager
OAE D187-1 Voyager
OAE D187-1 Voyager


Drone cruiser



First flight

November 2011

Developed into

OAE D187-2 Super Voyager

OAE D241-1 StarVoyager

The OAE D187-1 Voyager is a small, medium range drone cruiser paper airplane. The Voyager was designed by OrigamiAirEnterprises to replace the obsolete OAE D136-1 Pioneer and OAE D138-1 Condor drone cruisers, as well as succeed the aging OAE D146-1 Dragonfly and OAE D168-1 Ranger, among others. The Voyager proved itself quite adaptable and was adapted into two further models; the OAE D187-2 Super Voyager (developed to replace the OAE D148-1 Albatross) and the OAE D241-1 StarVoyager (developed to replace the Voyager).


Construction details of the Voyager can be found here.


The Voyager is capable of flying moderately long ranges, usually around 20 feet at a moderate pace. A moderately fast toss at negative or neutral attitude will result in best flights. Additional applicable surfaces to the Voyager include flaps, slats, ailerons, flaperons, elevons, air brakes, and a trimmable rudder.