OAE D187-2 Super Voyager
OAE D187-2 Super Voyager
OAE D187-2 Super Voyager


Drone cruiser



First flight

December 2011

Developed from

OAE D187-1 Voyager

The OAE D187-2 Super Voyager is a versatile, long range drone paper airplane. The Super Voyager was designed by OrigamiAirEnterprises to serve as an interim aircraft while even more advanced aircraft intended to replace the OAE D146-1 Dragonfly and the OAE D148-1 Albatross were being designed. The D187-2 came as the result of an evolutionary development process, based on the OAE D187-1 Voyager medium cruiser drone paper airplane. An enlarged wing, longer spars and more ballast was added to the airframe, optimising it for long range flights. The Super Voyager was very well recieved, and has become one of OrigamiAirEnterprises' most popular aircraft.


Construction details of the Super Voyager can be found here.


The Super Voyager performs excellently for its size, gliding on average 15-25 feet easily with proper construction and launch technique. Additional applicable surfaces to the Super Voyager include flaps, slats, ailerons, flaperons, elevons, air brakes, and a trimmable rudder.