OAE F251-1 Super Lightning
OAE F251-1 Super Lightning
OAE F251-1 Super Lightning


Multirole aircraft



First flight

December 2011

Developed from

OAE F198-1 Lightning

The OAE F251-1 Super Lightning is a fast, long range, versatile paper airplane. Designed by OrigamiAirEnterprises as a replacement for its relative, the OAE F198-1 Lightning, the F251-1 is a variant with stronger wing spars for greater wing strength for tighter turn and higher load capability and better weight distribution. An F198-1 can be converted into an F251-1 with a few simple alterations. The Super Lightning can accommodate two low drag multipurpose pods mounted on its fuselage.


Construction details of the Super Lightning can be found here.


The Super Lightning is a fast paper airplane that can easily fly over 45 feet. Launch procedures are fairly standard; hold the airplane by its fuselage and throw it with moderate speed. Additional applicable surfaces include slats, flaps, flaperons, elevators, ailerons, elevons, rudders, air brakes and an electronic warfare tail.

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