OAE F258-1 Simple Omniwing
OAE F258-1 Simple Omniwing
OAE F258-1 Simple Omniwing


Stealth fighter



First flight

March 2012

Developed into

OAE F258-2 Simple OmniScimitar

The OAE F258-1 Simple Omniwing is a fast, long range, stealthy flying wing paper airplane. The F258-1 was designed by OrigamiAirEnterprises to be a simpler aircraft to build with performance similar to the OAE F3-1P Omniwing. Although it bears the Omniwing name, the Simple Omniwing has no structural commonality with the rest of the Omniwing family, including the similarly configured F3-1P.


Construction details for the Simple Omniwing can be found here.


The Simple Omniwing is able to fly fairly quickly to ranges of over 45 feet rather easily. Launches should be at moderate speed, with the airplane being held by 3 fingers (1 over the wing, 2 beneath the wing). This type of launch will give flights the longest range at the best speed. Additional applicable surfaces include slats, rudders, spoilers, spoilerons, elevators, ailerons, elevons, and air brakes.