OAE F266-1 StratoEagle
OAE F266-1 StratoEagle
OAE F266-1 StratoEagle


Multirole aircraft



First flight

June 2012

Developed from

OAE TF7-1 Eaglet

Developed into

OAE F266-2 Super StratoEagle

The OAE F266-1 StratoEagle is a fast, long range multirole paper airplane developed from the highly successful OAE TF7-1 Eaglet. The F266-1 was later developed further into the OAE F266-2 Super StratoEagle by OrigamiAirEnterprises.


Construction details of the StratoEagle can be found here.


Like the Eaglet from which it was derived, the StratoEagle is a fast, stable paper airplane. With proper construction, trimming and launch, the StratoEagle can fly over 45 feet easily. Additional surfaces that can be applied to this airplane include flaps, slats, elevators, ailerons, elevons, airbrakes, and rudders.