OAE F292-1 Vulcan
OAE F292-1 Vulcan
OAE F292-1 Vulcan


Multirole aircraft



First flight

December 2012

Developed from

OAE F210-1 Dagger

Developed into

OAE F292-2 Super Vulcan

OAE A190-1 Vengeance

OAE F292-8 Simple Vulcan

OAE F292-9 HyperVulcan

OAE F303-1 StarVulcan

The OAE F292-1 Vulcan is a fast, long range multirole paper airplane developed from the OAE F210-1 Dagger advanced trainer/fighter to replace older types with a common aircraft. The F292-1 quickly became the basis of numerous aircraft, including the OAE F292-2 Super Vulcan (which became the backbone of the Vulcan family), OAE A190-1 Vengeance, OAE F292-8 Simple Vulcan, OAE F292-9 HyperVulcan and the OAE F303-1 StarVulcan.


Construction details of the Vulcan can be found here.


Like the Dagger from which it was derived, the Vulcan is a fast, stable paper airplane, though the latter is more complex. With proper construction, trimming and launch, the Vulcan can fly over 50 feet easily. Additional surfaces that can be applied to this airplane include flaps, slats, elevators, ailerons, elevons, airbrakes, and rudders.