OAE F3-1Y OmniScimitar
OAE F3-1Y OmniScimitar
OAE F3-1Y OmniScimitar


Stealth fighter; cruiser



First flight

December 2011

Developed from

OAE F3-1P Omniwing

The OAE F3-1Y OmniScimitar is a lightweight, stealthy, long range flying wing paper airplane capable of all sorts of flights. Designed by OrigamiAirEnterprises to supplant the OAE F3-1P Omniwing, the OmniScimitar proved to be able to supplant the OAE F3-1V Super Omniwing too.


Construction details of the OmniScimitar can be found here.


The F3-1Y is a well balanced paper airplane that can fly to great lengths with proper construction and launches. Flight ranges of over 40 feet are easily achievable. Additional applicable surfaces include flaps, slats, rudders, spoilers, elevators, ailerons, elevons, and air brakes.