OAE F5U-7 Pancake
OAE F5U-7 Pancake
OAE F5U-7 Pancake


Cruiser; attack aircraft



First flight

July 2008

Developed into

OAE A1-1 Skyraider

OAE X64-1 Scorpion

OAE A92-1 Super Pancake

The OAE F5U-7 Pancake is a small but advanced paper airplane equipped with retractable landing gear. The Pancake was originally designed by OrigamiAirEnterprises as a "technology demonstrator" of retractable landing gear, but soon proved itself a worthy cruiser and attack aircraft too. This landing gear design would be used on later designs, such as the OAE A54-1 Banshee. The F5U-7 proved versatile enough to be developed into several other variants with different features.


Construction details for the Pancake can be found here.


The F5U-7 is a relatively slow paper airplane with moderate range. With its gear down, flights are generally around 30 feet long. With the gear retracted, flights are generally about 40 feet long. For best storage, keep the gear down.