OAE F85-1 Skystreak
OAE F85-1 Skystreak
OAE F85-1 Skystreak


Cruiser; basic trainer



First flight

July 2009

Developed into

OAE TF85-1 Cadet

The OAE F85-1 Skystreak is a simple, long range flying wing paper airplane. Designed by OrigamiAirEnterprises as an interim flying wing while the OAE F3-1P Omniwing's predecessors experienced stability issues, the Skystreak soon made it clear it was more than just a placeholder model. The F85-1 proved an excellent cruiser and a great trainer in its own form, but to suit training needs even better, a slightly altered trainer variant was designed, the OAE TF85-1 Cadet.


Construction details of the Skystreak can be found here.


The Skystreak is an excellent long range paper airplane that can glide excellently. Flights of over 35 feet are easily within the F85-1's capabilities. Additional surfaces applicable include rudders, elevators, ailerons, and elevons. The Skystreak can also be converted to the Cadet standard at anytime by following these procedures.