OAE TA164-1 SkyCub
OAE TA164-1 SkyCub
OAE TA164-1 SkyCub


Primary trainer



First flight

April 2012

The OAE TA164-1 SkyCub is a simple, stable primary trainer paper airplane intended for introducing new aviators to paper airplane operations. The TA164-1 was developed by OrigamiAirEnterprises as an alternative to the OAE TF115-1 Apprentice and OAE TF225-1 Turbo Cadet. The SkyCub's structure is similar to that of the OAE A106-1 Harrier and the OAE A106-2 Super Harrier.


Construction details of the SkyCub can be found here.


The TA164-1 is a small paper airplane with proportionally large control surfaces. These afford it its great stability and forgiveness. With proper launch and trimming, excellent training flights with the SkyCub can be had.

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