OAE TF225-1 Turbo Cadet
OAE TF225-1 Turbo Cadet
OAE TF225-1 Turbo Cadet


Primary trainer; stunt aircraft



First flight

July 2011

Developed from

OAE UF225-1 Turbo Skystreak

The OAE TF225-1 Turbo Cadet is a simple paper airplane designed as a trainer/stunt aircraft. Developed by OrigamiAirEnterprises to replace the aging OAE TF85-1 Cadet, the Turbo Cadet was designed to be of similar configuration, but not proportional.


Construction details of the Turbo Cadet can be found here.


The Turbo Cadet is fairly fast for a straight wing paper airplane, and while stable and straight flying when thrown slowly, it can work as a stunt plane at higher speeds. Additional surfaces that can be added to the standard airframe include: ailerons, elevators, elevons, flaps, flaperons, spoilers, spoilerons, rudders, air brakes and slats.