OAE TF85-1 Cadet
OAE TF85-1 Cadet
OAE TF85-1 Cadet


Primary trainer; stunt aircraft



First flight

November 2010

Developed from

OAE F85-1 Skystreak

The OAE TF85-1 Cadet is a primary trainer/stunt paper airplane. The Cadet was developed from the OAE F85-1 Skystreak. The TF85-1 was designed by OrigamiAirEnterprises. The TF85-1 Cadet was succeeded by the OAE TF225-1 Turbo Cadet in the primary trainer/stunt aircraft role.


Construction details of the Cadet can be found here.


The Cadet is a fairly straight forward paper airplane. When made and tossed correctly, it will demonstrate the flight characteristics you have set it up for. Addtional applicable surfaces include elevators, ailerons, elevons, spoilers, spoilerons and air brakes.

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