OAE YA116-2 Seahawk
OAE YA116-2 Seahawk A
OAE YA116-2 Seahawk


Multirole aircraft prototype



First flight

May 2012

Developed from

OAE A116-1 Starhawk

The OAE YA116-2 Seahawk was a small multirole paper airplane prototype developed from the OAE A116-1 Starhawk. Structurally, the two had very few differences. Due to elevator placement differences, however, conversions were not possible. The largest difference between the two was the Seahawk's folding wings, which necessitated the change in the placement of the elevators. For storage purposes, the outer wing panels could be folded upwards, as seen in the photograph below.
OAE YA116-2 Seahawk B

A YA116-2 Seahawk with its wings folded

OrigamiAirEnterprises canceled the aircraft after poor handling was displayed in flight testing after the outer wing panels had been folded and unfolded several times.