OAE YD194-2 Gnat
OAE YD194-2
OAE YD194-2


Drone interceptor/trainer prototype



First flight

February 2012

Developed from

OAE D194-1 Gnat

The OAE YD194-2 is a small prototype drone paper airplane designed by OrigamiAirEnterprises to serve as an operational trainer. The aircraft was originally designated as the YTD194-1, when it was intended to just serve as a trainer for the OAE D194-1 Gnat semi-tailless interceptor. When the YTD194-1 was found to be a capable interceptor of its own right, it was redesignated YD194-2. While the project has been shelved, the sole prototype remains flyable and its instructions may eventually be published.

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