The Simple Random Glider is a simple paper airplane that will generally glide in a random fashion, hence it's name.
Simple Random Glider

Simple Random Glider done Correctly


I was looking through a book called High-Flying Paper Airplanes, when I came across an airplane. I did the first few instructions, but then got bored and built it from there somewhat like the end of building a Traditional paper airplane. This aircraft was the result of this effort.


Step 1Edit

You will need one 8.5 by 11 inch sheet of paper. Turn the paper on its long side and fold the top two corners down to the middle. Then, fold the paper over so that the folds are on the inside.

Step 2Edit

Take one side of the wing and fold it mostly to the bottom. Rinse and repeat with the other side.

Your plane is now ready for flight. Congratulations!


Hence it's name, it will fly differently depending on how you throw it. Below is a chart on how it will mostly perform based on 5 throws with no breeze:

Variation Altitude Force Resulting Flight


Low Slight

The plane will attempt to U-Turn when near the ground. It may be a success or a failure; depending on semi-altitude.

2 Low Moderate Same as Variation 1. Another result is that it will just glide far and smoothly, but will hit the ground before it can get too far as a superior glider.
3 Low Hard Generally the glider will spin 360 degrees either high or low before stalling and descending to the ground. It is more likely to spin low, however. It may also go a very short distance (6 inches at most).
4 Moderate Slight 1. The aircraft will fly roughly a foot, stall, and then dive and hit the ground before recovering. Despite being rare, it may dive to the left or right; or 2. It may just normally glide about 10 inches before landing smoothly on the ground.
5 Moderate Moderate 1. The airplane will barrel roll once, then land smoothly going <2 feet; or 2. It will U-Turn either left or right flying slightly further than that of Variation 4. 3. The SRG will glide approximately one foot before landing smoothly on the ground.
6 Moderate Hard Same as Variation 4; 1 or Variation 5; 2.
7 High Slight It will glide about a foot, perform a half barrel roll/flip, and slowly gain altitude all simultaneously, and then will fall straight down inverted.
8 High Moderate Same as Variation 7. However, it may glide backwards and/or land smoothly.
9 High Hard

It will swiftly gain altitude, perform a single front flip at the peak of the glide, and then will glide off in any random direction.


As always, you can decorate a plane anywhere you want on any plane (but could slightly lower performance). This plane follows that feat-the recommendation is that you can color it anywhere with no worries.