The official emblem of Skycrafter

Skycrafter was the manufacturer established by GRKSpeed, the founder of the Paper Airplane wiki. It was the first to be covered by the wiki. Skycrafter usually constructed fast planes of all sizes. With no updates from GRKSpeed in over two years, Skycrafter is considered defunct.


Below is a list of the planes that Skycrafter have built. In total, there are 22 as of January 20, 2012. Here is the list:

"Swift Turbojet" era (September 2011-Present)Edit

  1. Skycrafter ST-059
  2. Skycrafter ST-118

"Fusion Series" (November 2011-Present)Edit

  1. Skycrafter Fusion
  2. Skycrafter Fusion Plus
  3. Skycrafter Fusion 2
  4. Skycrafter Fusion 3
  5. Skycrafter Fusion 3-EVO
  6. Skycrafter Fusion 4
  7. Skycrafter Fusion 5
  8. Skycrafter Fusion 5-DX

Others (N/A)Edit

  1. List of Skycrafter Prototypes

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