Skycrafter Fusion

"A myth... proven real." Uhh... yeah. Anyways, this is the SC Fusion done correctly.

The first Skycrafter Fusion is a plane made by Skycrafter, which would influence a series of successors like it. It is an unbelievably powerful and all-rounded plane with the only drawback being the slightest hint of difficulty in construction. Skycrafter Founder GRKSpeed commented at post-testing "This plane is unrivaled of any group. And I mean any group." These major contributions make the Fusion the current team mascot plane as of 12-10-2011.



  1. 8 1/2 x 11 Paper (1 paper, most common size)
  2. Any Tape (moderate amount)

Step OneEdit

Fold the paper in half so the fold is down the short side (like the Simple Random Glider), which is the opposite direction as of the standard Traditional Plane, folded so that it's center fold is down the taller side. Now (BE CAREFUL) take a side, lift it over to the middle fold, but DO NOT fold. Instead, remember the outside edge of that semi-fold. If you have trouble remembering, you can use a pen(cil), mark the area under the top of the semi-fold, and it saves you alot of time. Rinse and repeat with other side. The reason you want to remember that place is because it is mandatory for the next step.

Step TwoEdit

Fold two corners from each edge of the paper to the closest part of the mark you made earlier. From there, fold the corners over again, this time so they each touch the middle fold. If the corners look like long trapezoids, you are doing it correctly so far. Then, fold the tip of the plane down.

Step ThreeEdit

Fold the corners down to the middle fold again. Next, tape each of the corners and the nose down. Then, fold the entire plane in half so that the details are on the inside. Finally, fold each side down so there is a small space to hold it from. A detailed meaning of this is in the picture.

This legendary Skycrafter is now ready to hit the skies! Congratulations!


This plane has an outrageous and unique flight when thrown hard down the middle of your sight. It flies with a substantial amount of speed, clears an extensive distance, and performs a colossal army of stunts all in one flight.


The testing plane was customized at post-testing with a Skycrafter logo on the left corner, 76 on the right corner, and Rena Hayami on both sides where you hold the plane.


  • 76 and Rena Hayami were two major decorations on this aircraft, as they are GRKSpeed's lucky number and alias.
  • For unknown reasons, a piece of tape was put on the bottom of the airplane at testing. This did not affect performance.