Skycrafter Fusion 2


The Skycrafter Fusion 2 (recently Skycrafter Fusion II) is a successor paper airplane to the popular Skycrafter Fusion. Although the latter was quite able in all ways, it was difficult to make, and so the next aircraft in the Fusion Series was designed by Skycrafter to be easier to construct, albeit at the cost of some performance, balancing the plane even more than the original Fusion.



  • Paper (8 1/2 by 11)
  • Tape (optional)

Step 1Edit

Take the paper and fold it so the middle fold is down the shorter sides, and take each side, bring it over to the middle fold, but DO NOT FOLD AND CREASE. Let go of the sides, and it should be slightly bent. Fold each side's top corner to the faint folds.

Step 2Edit

Bring each corner up over the middle fold to fold and crease. If the end is triangle-like, it is correct so far. Fold the entire plane in half, and finally fold each wing down.

Congrats, ! You can now fly the SCF2!


Like stated above, the performance was equally shortened for the sacrifice for the easier construction. However, this plane still performs very well.


There was no actual decor at testing. However, when the Fusion 2 (II) was put into production for the first time, there was a Skycrafter logo on the left wing.


  • It is notable that Step 1 of the SCFII is the exact same instructions as Step 1 from the SCF.
  • This plane, along with the Skycrafter Fusion IV, is the only production plane (which excludes the Prototype) in the Fusion series that does not have an upgraded version.