Skycrafter Fusion Plus

The Fusion +

The Skycrafter Fusion Plus, or the SCF+, is an upgraded form of the first Skycrafter Fusion. This plane is made up of one regular Fusion and one modified Fusion, like the format of a Skycrafter ST-059. It has nearly the same performance as the Fusion, but is a trifle less due to the added weight from the second Fusion.



  1. Two Skycrafter Fusion gliders
  2. Any Tape

Step OneEdit

Take one Fusion, grab its wings and tape them together like in the picture.

Step TwoEdit

Stick the nose of the Fusion you just modified into the middle of the other Fusion and tape through the top and bottom firmly.

"Dun dun dun!" This plane is now available to fly and soar through the air!


This plane has nearly the same performance as a Skycrafter Fusion, however the Fusion Plus is a trifle slower and smaller distance glider. However the Stunt Flying remains the same.


Decor remains the same as the Fusion. Skycrafter on the left wing, 76 on the right wing, and Rena Hayami on each side of the front holding bar, except 76 is repeated on both sides of the rear holding bar.


  • If you use the rear fusion only in flight, the performance is dramatically decreased except for the Stunts, which is improved.