Pocket Flyer

Pocket Flyer

The Skycrafter Pocket Flyer is a tiny paper airplane. Although it is not the best distance glider, it is incredible as a stunt aircraft. There was a successor made to the plane, known as the Pocket Flyer V2.

Pocket Flyer





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"A compact plane designed for daredevils."


Step 1Edit

Fold the paper down the middle vertically, unfold, and fold the two corners at the top down just like you would with a Traditional Plane. However, fold the other two corners at the bottom towards the middle fold like the top corners.

Step 2Edit

Fold the whole plane along the middle fold. If you fold the plane forwards, there will just be one solid surface in the final. If folded backwards, there will be extra details in the final, of which can evolve into a Pocket Flyer V2. Fold the plane in half again. If you would like, you could also fold the tip of each wing up for a classier look.

The plane is now complete and ready for flight.


The Pocket Flyer is an aircraft with a poor glide ratio. However, if stunt flights are the tasks it needs to perform, the Pocket Flyer is an excellent choice. Taping the wings together across the wing roots of the plane may be required, because the plane will fly with more stability.