Skycrafter ST-059

An example of a working ST-059

The Skycrafter ST-059 is a unique plane created by Skycrafter. The ST-059 is a slow moving plane, even though it can glide a great distance, and is made up of 2 Traditional gliders.



You will need 2 prebuilt Traditional paper gliders and a bit of tape to construct this plane.

Step 1Edit

Measure each plane's wingspan. The plane with the bigger wingspan should be the front and the plane with the smaller wingspan should be the tail for increased performance.

Step 2Edit

Carefully place the tail nose into the little gap of the rear nose. Make sure you stick the nose of the tail down as far as possible. Then, take a small piece of tape and place it so it's from one side of the turbine, over the tail's nose, and on the other side of the turbine.

Your airplane is now ready to fly.


As stated in the overall description, this plane is a slow speed glider but can clear a long distance. If folded correctly, it can fly up to over nine yards (27 feet). The ST-059 can out perform many other planes in paper airplane races.