TP2 Paraglide

TP2 ready for flight

The TP2 Paraglide (Full Name: Traditional Plane 2: Paraglide) is a smooth distance glider and a spin-off of the infamous Traditional Plane. It has two known successors- the TP3 Forcebreaker and the TP4 Clusterbomb.



Step 1Edit

Do you see the large folds covering the turbines near the rear of the top of the plane? If so, uncover those folds to reveal two smaller folds on the end of the turbine folds. Simply pinch them together, and pull them out. (You can also flatten the middle spike between the two uprised wings and allow for a smoother forward force, upping speed and distance.)

Step 2Edit

After that, rip a tiny piece of tape and tape the two exposed folds together. Hold the taped folds together, and you're done!

ATTENTION: TP2 ready for lift-off!


If thrown slowly or moderately, the TP2 will slowly, but gracefully sail through the air and settle down peacefully, traveling distances of 6-15 ft. It basically floats- no special stunts, all for the occasional nosedive finale. A terrible Speed Glider & Stunt Glider, but that is asided by the incredible Distance Glider personality.